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Flint Westrock: Links

Check out Flint's new cd, Heaven n Earth, at CDBaby.
Check out Flint's first cd, Wake Me Up With Kissin, on CDBaby, a leading independent music site.
Milo Music Studio
Awesome site featuring the music of Patrocinio Beltran.
Stairway Publishing
The publisher of A Fine Kettle of Fish, perhaps the finest children's picture book ever published.
Mitch Kashmar
Harpist and vocalist extraordinaire, Mitch Kashmar, lends his considerable talents to Flint, producing, playing harmonica and chromatic harmonica and laying down incredible background vocals, courtesy of Delta Groove Records.
Jimmy Calire
Flint is fortunate indeed to have the extraordinary Jimmy Calire playing piano and organ on Wake Me Up With Kissin. Check out Jimmy's website.
Delta Groove
Making the Blues happen is what Delta Groove is all about. They are doing great things with some great artists, including the fabulous Mitch Kashmar. Check em out.
Blues Matters Magazine
Keepin the blues alive! This site in the UK has great reviews and other features. Check it out!