Heaven n Earth, the lastest collaboration between Pete Umoff and Flint Westrock, presents a variety of points of view about celestial and terrestrial existence and the emotional, spiritual and and physical bridges and chasms between the two. Wanna go, wanna stay, ready, not ready, salvation, damnation. It asks the question “Who’s in control here?” and suggests different answers and no answer. It’s a theme album with not necessarily traditional themes presented in a traditional musical style. It’s old time roots spiritual meets existential determinism. Buddha meets Jesus on the way to a barn raising. Jesus asks Buddha, “Which way are you heading?” Buddha replies “ All the way, man.” Jesus nods thoughtfully, smiles and says “Groovy.”” - Frank Farnsworth

— Intergalactic Gazette

...With Heaven n Earth Westrock returns with an entirely different style and approach. This time out you get country, Americana and some good old blues harmonica foot stompin’ music not to mention some honky tonk piano for good measure....He has a nice country drawl that would probably make folks at the Grand Ole Opry grin from ear to ear. One listen to the chugging train called “Oh Nadine” will make you a Westrock convert in a matter of minutes....Mitch Kashmar (borrowed from the outstanding blues label Delta Groove Records) really helps to make this recording what it is. The element of a great harp player changes the entire atmosphere of an album and in this instance everything else sounds like it was built up around it. “Lost Highway” is another good example of that X factor holding true and with the addition of some fine pedal steel from Bill Flores, it turns into a real solid country track....it’s just so much doggone knee slappin’ fun you cannot help but crack a smile and thank Flint for the good time and ask him to come back again sometime for another party. Flint better watch it because if he gets much better at this people will think he is ready to become the next star out of Nashville.” - Keith Hannaleck

— MusikReviews.com

Flint's songs are simple, the musicianship is superb, and the sound's full yet clean with a definite feel-good quality.”

Santa Barbara Independent

It certainly looks like Flint will be playing cupid this year with this warm and good feeling group of songs....I do not think music could get any more down to earth and real....This is definitely the kind of album that will grow on you...I will promise you that." To read Keith's full review go to our News page.” - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck
What a hoot!” - Lucy Hromadka, Montecito, CA
We think it's wonderful! We love it!” - Jeanelle Ricca, Colorado
Flint Westrock's debut effort, Wake Me Up With Kissin, is a charming and oftentimes chivalrous collection of songs that evoke the simplicity and intimacy of true love. Sometimes quirky, sometimes folksy, Flint's lyrics feel honest and refreshing. In addition, harmonica, organ, piano, and guitar sections stand out throughout the album. While Flint's singing style is somewhat limited in range, backup vocals effectively reinforce the album and by staying soft-spoken, Flint holds onto a home-style sound that evokes images of a man singing to his love until the last star is extinguished from the sky. Wake Me Up With Kissin, Vegetables of Love, and Love Snack are just a few of the gems hidden on this tidy debut album.” - The Cliff, Santa Cruz, CA
It gave me a happy heart, and made me want to dance around the kitchen!” - Cindy Schumacher, Santa Barbara, CA
I cleaned my house to it...and it's never been cleaner!” - Chanda Fetter, Fitness Professional, Ventura, CA
I just love every song and especially your obviously inspired and deeply felt appreciation of women.” - Renee Castagnola, Santa Fe, NM